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Akai India

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Developing greener products has been the overarching goal for Akai since its inception. With an unwavering commitment to the environment and the planet, Akai believes in caring for the world around us. All its designs undergo strict eco-ethical screening to ensure they are ethically sourced, energy-sufficient, and of high quality. Akai has always adhered to its unique approach to Green World, while deeply understanding customers’ needs to stay ahead of the curve. For Akai, being conscious is not just about looking greener, but also about acting greener. The core focus is on producing high-quality, energy-efficient, minimal carbon footprint products that are inspired by nature and powered by science.

Research & Development

Research & development are an integral part of Akai's DNA which enable us to innovate.

Akai innovates in consumer electronic technologies i.e. LED TVs, Washing Machine & Air Conditioners. Thanks to the deeply ingrained values surrounding Research & Development, backed up by our production force, Akai offers the best products based on consumer insights with the latest technologies.


Our focus has always been on delivering products with the highest quality, which in turn cements trust with our customers. We believe that our consumers are an integral part of the innovation process. With the insight of what they value, want & need, we can offer them the best products and services fueled with the latest technology. In efforts to built customer trust, Akai has established over 200 service centers across India to offer easy access after sales service for our customers.

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Akai innovates in consumer electronic technologies i.e. LED TVs, Washing Machine & Air Conditioners..